Owl USB CM160 Energy Monitor
Code:   (Owl CM160)


The All New Owl + USB CM160




Retains all the features of the Award Winning Owl wireless monitor, with a NEW


‘Track & Store’ function to track usage via PC using Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows Home Server. Not suiatble for Apple Mac PC's 
Superior memory function
2 year rolling memory capability


By changing your behaviour, OWL products help you to


Reduce your electricity bills
Reduce your greenhouse gas and help save the environment

Owl + USB Features


Complete wireless electricity monitor solution
Allows you to ‘Track & Store’ data
Superior memory capability with rolling 2 year data download function
Shows you how much electricity is being consumed:-
Carbon emissions
Supports up to 6 time tariffs (week day/weekend split)
Current and historical cost of electricity display
Current and historical greenhouse gas emission display
Current and historical energy usage display (including amps)
Date, time and temperature display
High speed data download

OWL +USB is a portable domestic electricity monitor which can work as an instantaneous power consumption monitor as well as a data logger which stores the daily average power consumption over the past 2 years.
OWL +USB is also equipped with a USB port which can connect to a PC for data transfer. Both the instantaneous and stored data (30 days detailed info) can be uploaded to the PC for further analysis. Not suitable for Apple Mac PC's
OWL +USB receives data from its associated transmitter/sensor and converts the current consumption (single, twin or 3 phase, subject to installation & connection of appropriate number of CTs) to total power consumption, cost of electricity and green house gas emissions. The consumption data is available as a real-time value, accumulated value, and average daily/weekly/monthly values.

OWL +USB supports alarm functions to alert the user when the power exceeds the user setting, In addition, it also measures indoor temperature and shows all parameters on a large liquid crystal display (LCD).


Cost of current & accumulated electricity consumption display
Power consumption (kW) display
Current consumption (Amps) display
Accumulated energy consumption (KWH) display.
Current & accumulated green house gas (GHG) emission rate display.
GHG conversion factor setting
User selectable mass unit (KG, TONNE or LB, TON)
Six tariff settings with independent start time, cost rate and weekday/weekend selection
AC line voltage (Volts) settings (for power consumption calculation): 100V to 400V
Selectable tariff cost currency:
$ , £, €, F, R, P, ¥, Kr

  Data logger function with build in 4M bit flash memory

Data storage: “1 minute average current” for last 30 days and “1 day average current” for last 720 days
Built in USB port for uploading data to PC
Last 30 days “1 minute average current” can upload to PC through USB connection
Last 720 days ” 1 day average current” can be reviewed on the main unit
Clock, calendar and temperature display.
Temperature measuring range: -5ºC 50ºC
Temperature measurement every 10 sec.
User selectable temperature unit (°C / °F)
Low battery status display for main unit and remote sensor
Enable/disable key tone for key presses when selecting functions



When OWL +USB is not linked to a PC, OWL +USB will act as a data logger. In every minute, OWL +USB will calculate and store the average current of that minute with date-time stamp. OWL +USB can store up to 30 days of the 1-minute average data. When the 30 days buffer is full, the new data will replace the oldest data.
When the unit is connected to a PC with the application software opened, OWL +USB will start uploading from the oldest data to the latest data.
OWL +USB will upload data for 5 seconds and then wait for the PC to respond. If the PC gives a correct feedback, OWL +USB will transmit data for another 5 seconds. The successfully uploaded data will be moved out from the transmit buffer and will not be uploaded again.
If OWL +USB is disconnected from the PC (unplug the USB cable or close the PC program) before it finishes uploading all the data, the next time when OWL +USB is connected to the PC, it will upload from the previously failed 5 seconds slot.
It will start uploading from the record at the beginning of the 5 seconds slot and then upload the remaining data plus the newly added data.
After all the stored data is transferred to the PC, OWL +USB will transfer the real time data it received from the remote sensor.







(no batteries)

















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