Efergy Elite Energy Monitor
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Cheaper electricity bills with Efergy Elite

- current Efergy Elite users report cost savings of up to 25% by learning how much it costs to use electrical appliances and how to use them more efficiently.

Efergy Elite Educates you and your family to make better use of the electricity you use.

- the Efergy Elite changes the way you think about your personal electricity usage, by providing you with instant information on the cost of every electrical appliance you use. 

Efergy Elite Increases the safety in your home

- the Efergy Elite allows you to check from a single location if appliances, such as a iron, heater or oven, have been left on, before leaving your home. Be safe every time you leave your home.

Efergy Elite is very Easy to install

- the Efergy Elite can be simply installed in most homes, using a small clip on sensor which clips onto the electricity cable which runs out of your existing electricity meter into your existing fuse box. The Efergy Elite requires no wiring or interruption of electricity supply.

The Efergy Elite is simple to use by all members of the family

The Efergy Elite can be used as an educational device, with its push-button menu settings and large LCD screen translates power use into a simply understood reading of cost per hour.

- The future of our planet lies in the hands of our own generation and those that come after us. The Efergy Elite has proven to be extremely effective in educating children about the use of electricity and the effect electricity wastage can have on the future of our planet.

 Environmental information

- the Efergy Elite also measures the amount of greenhouse gases generated by personal electricity use, an added educational aspect for environmentally conscious users.

There is no doubt about it, The Efergy Elite is helping to change the energy usage habits of households throughout the UK, helping to save energy, money and our environment...

...the whole range of features, that The Efergy Elite has to offer, provides you with complete control over your energy usage inside your home.

Key features of an Efergy Elite

Below you will find an overview of the Efergy Elite's key features.

  • Easy to install and programme
  • No need to change your existing meter- sensors clip directly onto your existing electricity meter's cabling
  • Portable, easily moved from room to room
  • Easy to read- large LCD display
  • Programmable to current and/or individual electricity tariffs
  • You know in an instant how much electricity you are using, how much it is costing you and how much you are potentially wasting
  • The monitor shows just how many greenhouse gases are being generated by your current electricity usage
  • 12 months warranty is included (excludes batteries)
  • An audible alarm can be set to notify of excessive electricity usage
  • The monitor can display £, $ and Euro
  • Additional sensors are available for 2 and 3 phase supply
  • A very important feature is that the monitor can be used as a safety check to see if any electrical appliance has been unnecessarily left on before leaving your home or workplace
  • The Efergy Elite can be taken with you when you move house or sold as an additional feature of your existing home.
  • An extensive memory feature enables you to recall daily, weekly and monthly usage and also displays the daily average usage.
  • Graphical display of yesterdays consumption against today's.


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