Energy Monitor

Q) What if my neighbour has the same Wireless Energy Monitor , will the data become confused with my neighbour's?

A) No, the Wireless Energy Monitors work using different transmitter channels and it has a few to choose from. The Eco-eye channel can be changed by the user and in the unlikely event that one unit uses the same channel simply return it to us in 'as new' condition and we can replace it for.

Q) What if my Wireless Energy Meter doesn't 'link' with the sender unit?

A) Simply remove the batteries from both parts and allow to stand for 15 mins so the unit can re-set itself. Then simply follow the installation procedure once again, In the unlikely event that problems still occur we recommend you contact the manufacturer or ourselves for further advice. 

Q) Do I need an extra sensor if I have Economy 7?

A) No, unless you have 2 Electricity meters and 2 seperate circuits.