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Energy MonitorEnergy Monitor World have been trading in the Home Energy Monitor market right from the start, when the first Energy Monitor, the 'Electrisave' was born. This started a new era of Home Electricity Monitoring for the domestic household.

The rapid rise in Electricty bills has now forced us all to consider our energy usage in the Home, so creating a real need for a Home Energy Meter,Electricity Monitor or Smart Meter as they are often known.


Energy Monitor  

Since the days of the Electrisave more and more Energy Monitors have become available to give the customer some choice in their quest for Energy Saving Products and cheaper electricity bills. Energy Monitor World specialise in Energy Monitors, Plug in Monitors, Solar Panels and Intelli-Panels and Plugs and offer products such as Efergy Elite, Efergy E2Eco-eye Mini, Ecoeye Elite, Wattson, Owl CM119, Owl CM160, Owl Micro Oneclick Intellipanel, Intelliplug and other Eco friendly meters. Also, we now stock the entire Freeloader Solar Charger range too! Click the links above or the button below for further details of the energy monitor & electricity monitor products available.

Energy Monitor

We aim to stock all available products along with other select items that can contribute to significant Energy Savings and cheaper electricity bills in the Home. My goal for this website is to be simple yet effective at giving you, the customer, a comprehensive guide to Energy Monitormaking significant Energy Savings in your Home. You will find only high quality energy monitors & electricity monitor products that will pay for themselves in a short time span or that use alternative Energy sources such as Solar Panels. The Freeloader is also very useful for a portable energy supply to charge your iPOD, mobile phone, PDA and electronic games etc. 

We believe that every customer deserves individual attention so all emails get replied to personally and you will find we are a very friendly and approachable company  to do business with. We very much look forward to serving your Energy Monitor & electricity monitor needs now and in the future.

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